Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?

Dance to You offers quality dance education in a virtual platform. We offer two things:

1- Membership to our Dance Community where students and parents can benefit from resources to help them grow in dance education and experience. The DTY Community offers videos answering top questions about dance, interviews with professional dancers (coming soon!), downloadable resources and more with new resources being added each month. 

2- Live Class Sessions with instructor feedback personalized to your student. We offer classes the first three weeks of the month with the fourth week as a rest and review week. Sessions of classes broken into levels: Creative Ballet (ages 4-6), Beginning Ballet (ages 7-11), and Teen Ballet (ages 12 & up). The class sessions are themed to incorporate learning the storylines and music of Classical Ballets, introducing ballet technique, and putting the two together into choreography time where students can quickly have a sense of accomplishment as they move to familiar works of music.

Live sessions are offered on Tuesdays the first three weeks of each month. All times listed are CST. Class replays will be available in the portal by Thursday afternoon for students who miss the live session or would like to review.

2:00-2:25 (Creative Ballet)

2:30-3:00 (Beginning Ballet)

3:00-3:30 (Teen Ballet)

7:30-8:00 (Mom's Barre)

What makes our classes different?

Dance to You is excited to bring dance instruction right to your living room! While there are many places to stream virtual classes or recordings of dance instruction, we offer personalized attention to our students while they are in our classes. 

Who is Dance to You for?

Dance to You is designed for dancers ages 4 and up (mature 3 year olds are welcome by exception) and levels beginner to intermediate (intermediate coming soon). Our goal is twofold:

1- to help brand new students experience a taste of classical ballet to see if it’s something they would like to commit to in a bigger way (at either a local studio or in our virtual program)

2- to help currently dancing students have opportunities to learn from new instructors and expand their choreography repertoire 

Does my student need any experience to try DTY?

No! We welcome brand new dancers. For students with some experience, we offer more challenging classes, and for students that have danced with us for longer periods of time, we will recommend the next level of instruction when they are ready to advance.

Does my student need special dancewear to take a class?

No, students do not need any special dancewear. You are welcome to purchase class attire, but students are fine to attend classes in comfortable attire such as leggings and t-shirt. (Note: please have students wear cartwheel shorts or leggings if they are wearing a dress for modesty.) 

Students in beginning ballet and above are encouraged to wear fitted attire to help the instructor guide them in proper placement.

What equipment/space does my student need to take a class?

Students will need a device capable of supporting Zoom. It is highly recommended that each student participating do so from their own device to allow for adequate viewing by the instructor. 

Students should choose a space in their home that allows for safe movement. We do not have specific requirements on the amount of space a student needs, and we set choreography and teach classes knowing that many people have limited room to move.

For students in Intro to Ballet and above, a chair is recommended to use as a barre.

What are the fees?

Membership in the DTY Community is $14 a month for individual students, and $24 a month for a family (residing in the same household). Fees are drafted each month, and you may cancel at any time. No refunds will be given for missed classes or failure to cancel before the renewal date.